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There is never just one of any product. Go into any store and you will most likely find a generic brand and a designer brand. It can be of any product. You always have a choice, which is the reason behind discussing Mobile Forex as an FX trading app available to you. It wouldn’t make sense to pick the first app you come across in an app store even if it is free. Some apps are going to be better than others. Some apps are designed by an independent trader and others by a huge company. The thing with app stores like Google is that anyone can publish an app. Be wary of all the apps out there and conduct due diligence to see which app truly has what you want. It is going to be your trading partner and although you can delete it later, why take the time?

FX Trading Mobile Forex Features

Mobile Forex provides a free and unlimited demo account. You can use this demo account to trade with faux money as you learn FX trading. It is designed as a practise account that saves you from having to worry about starting a real money account or the 30 day free trial that account might offer. You can practise with this app for months trading, planning, and plotting out forex trading strategies.

Like most demo accounts this app offers real time data for forex traders including commodities quotes. All three chart options: bar, line, and candlestick are provided so you can get used to all of them or find the one you prefer. There are 11 indicators for technical analysis given with the app. There are more indicators out there, but you have the most used in this FX trading app. Economic news is streamed through the app at up to the minute updates, as well as offering you dealing statistics for trades, orders, and settled positions.

It does not have a plethora of online reviews at the Play store; however, it is given a 4.0 with 106 reviews at 5 stars and 44 at 4 stars. There are 23 reviews giving it a 1. This is just to help you understand what is said about the app.

FX Trading Mobile Forex Requirements

The last update to the FX trading app occurred in August 2013 in which some bugs with the registration were fixed. It is currently in 2.7.0 version status. The file size for download is 1.8M. So far 50,000 to 100,000 installs or downloads have been made. The version is set up for 1.5 Android systems.

It is your responsibility to find out more about this app. You may want to visit the developer’s website for more details before you just download it. The above is basic facts discovered online, thus you have to make a decision to download it or not. This article is not to tell you to use the FX trading app, but to let you know of one possibility out there.




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