Foreign Exchange Melbourne Trading Psychology

Foreign Exchange Melbourne Market

Most traders in the foreign exchange Melbourne trading market get swept up in the fluctuations and excitement of their trades.  The long trading hours that are possible in this market can cause traders to lose their perspective.  Trading psychology looks at all these factors and offers traders the mental preparation necessary to be successful in this market.

Fear Linked to Trading

Fear of entering this market is not only evident in beginner traders.  Experienced traders still feel a bit of a knot in their stomach when they enter big trades.  These fearful feelings can be attributed to a lack of confidence and fear that the trade you are entering will be unsuccessful.  To try and understand why you are experiencing this emotion, you should try and determine the exact basis for the emotions.  Confronting the problem could be a solution.

To overcome this fear you should undertake in-depth analysis of the market before you start trading.  This will provide you with the confidence to enter trades with a positive attitude.  You should also accept the fact that you will experience losses and profits when you are trading.  These fears will not be overcome overnight.  You should practice patience and make a determined effort to overcome your fears.


When your trades are positive, you may find yourself becoming greedy.  Many traders make a few positive trades in a row and believe that the trend will last indefinitely.  This often makes traders hang on to a position when it should be closed as they believe that it is possible for them to earn more on that trade.

To try and overcome this problem you should develop a good trading plan and stick to it.  This will stop you from continuing in trades that you should be closing it.

Setting Rules

A solid trading strategy and a good trading plan will help you overcome many of the emotional pressures that can be experienced in the forex market.  You need to give all the market aspects due consideration and determine the effect each of these could have on your mental state.  The trading strategy you implement should be done in a manner that will make you feel more positive about your fearful and greedy feelings.  You should set clear rules regarding your entry and exit points when you trade.

It is vital that you test your trading strategy before you start trading forex live.  Opening a demo account can assist you in this plan.  Once you have gained sufficient confidence in your demo account, you should move on to a micro account.  This may eliminate the feelings of fear that are often present when you move from a demo account to a standard trading account.  This is a massive step which takes you from trading in virtual currency to trading with huge amounts of money overnight.  This is where you may start experiencing greed as the effect of seeing real money available to you in large amounts could prompt it.

Foreign Exchange Melbourne Trading Review

To try and gain some form of control over your mental attitude to trading, you should review your trading methods at regular intervals.  It may be necessary to amend your plan and strategy as you become more confident in the market.  Ensure that you use a demo account to test your revised strategy before you enter the live trading arena.



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