Countering Common FX Fantasies


It is human nature to sometimes be blinded by desire. This is possibly why, on some occasions, people see what they want to see as opposed to what is really there. The stronger an individual’s desire, the more likely it is that this would happen. Thus, it is not surprising that there are so many FX fantasies circulating in the world of forex.

These FX fantasies are not only created by the traders. Various marketers and stories of people like George Soros can also be attributed with the creation of forex fantasies in equal part.

However, whichever way you view it, these fantasies are not good when it comes to actually achieving something through forex trading. This is why every trader should actively work towards weeding out such fantasies from his own mind. Here are some of the more common FX fantasies that you need to be careful of.

It Is Very Easy to Make Money Quickly from Forex

The forex market represents a way for individuals to change their lives. They look at it as a medium for them to gain all the money that they want and retire in comfort as soon as possible. Moreover, they also think that they can get rich fast without putting in any effort.

The truth is simply that FX trading is like any other profession in the world. If you want to succeed in it and make money from it then you will have to put in a considerable amount of effort.

There Is That Golden Hen FX Trading System

A lot of people involved in FX trading are constantly on the lookout for the golden hen forex trading system. This system, according to their beliefs, is so perfect that they can run it and make money all the time without even lifting a single finger.

In simple terms, there is no such FX trading system and there never will be. The time you spend trying to test various forex trading systems to see if they work can be better spent on actual foreign exchange trading.

Demo Trading Is Enough to Start Making Money

Learning through a demo account has been made more important than it is by various websites and bloggers on the internet. While practising on a demo account is important, this does not mean that by the time you come to a live account you are an expert.

On the contrary, you will need to gradually ease yourself into live FX trading or you will make some serious mistakes and lose a lot of money.

You Can Follow a Single System and Succeed

People think that if they have learned a specific method of FX trading then they can continue using it, gaining money forever after. In contrast, the conditions in the FX market are constantly changing which means that traders need to learn to adapt to the market conditions if they are to continue being successful in the market.



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