Foreign Exchange Rate Fuelled Risks

foreign exchange rate

There is this concept amongst economists of a perfect market. This is a market that is completely independent and free of deliberate influences or control. The forex market is considered to be a perfect market by many economists. The reason for this is that foreign exchange rate in the market are only influenced by global events and cannot be cornered.

However, the thing with a perfect market is that it offers both risks and opportunities in the same amounts. In other words, risks and opportunities can be considered to be the same side of the coin that is the forex market.

Therefore, any trader looking to trade in the market needs to incorporate the impacts of the natural volatility of the market into his forex trading strategy. Here is a list of some of the more common fx rate fuelled effects that you can expect to face in the forex market in due course.

Volatile Foreign Exchange Rates

Just like there is no way to corner the forex trading market in any way, there is no way to predict the direction in which the foreign exchange rates would move in the future. This is both a bane and boon for a forex trader.

The reason for this is that this characteristic of the market allows a trader to sense and take advantage of opportunities. While the future movements of foreign exchange rates cannot be predicted with 100 percent accuracy, projections are possible.

On the other hand, as accuracy is never 100 percent, there is risk in every trade that the foreign exchange rate would behave in an unexpected manner. Effectively, your task is not only to project future foreign exchange rate movements but also put a safety net under the trade to counter unexpected instances.

Opportunities in All Conditions

As mentioned above, the forex market is full of opportunities for forex traders to benefit from foreign exchange rate movements. Unlike other investment markets, the forex market can be profitable for a trader even if the value of a currency is sliding.

This is made possible by the ability of the trader to sell currencies before buying them back. As the foreign exchange rate for that currency was sliding, the trader makes profit even in a falling market.

Sudden Corrections in Trends

The inherent volatility of foreign exchange rates in the market mean that they can move in any direction, often without any warning. This is where the risk aspect comes into every trade. A trader must learn to expect such corrections off and on and prepare for them through money management techniques.

Lost Payments Due To Slippage

Speed is also a consideration when it comes to foreign exchange rate movements. The market is not only volatile but also very quick to change. In fact, the rate of change of foreign exchange rates in the market can be so fast sometimes, that they change while the trader is placing his trade. This results in slippage which is basically changing foreign exchange rates causing discrepancy in order placements.


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