The Effect of Personality on Currency Trading

This article looks at the impact of your personality on your currency trading.


Your personality will have a major impact on the currency trading that you will be able to complete.  It is important that you understand what the effect of your personality is.  You should also consider the ways that you can overcome the problems that your personality can also bring.  You need to look at the impact of your personality on the use of the market, the currency trading strategy that you choose and the risk capacity that you have.

Personality and the Use of the Market

The first point that you should consider is whether or not you have the right personality for the market.  There are some people who will not have success on the market based on their personality.  Of course, there are some traders who have these personalities, but learn how to overcome the hurdles that they face.  If you are not prepared to be disciplined on the market then you should not consider currency trading.  You need to have discipline to stick to the trading plans that you have and to overcome any issues you face due to your personality.

The Selection of Your Currency Trading Strategy

The strategy that you use needs to be chosen based on your personality and trading style.  Your personality will have a major impact on the strategy that you are able to use.  The first point that you need to look at is how your personality will handle the different timeframes that you can trade in.  There are a lot of traders whose personality will not be able to cope with the holding of an open trade overnight.  These traders will have to trade with short-term strategies.

You also have to consider how your personality impacts the type of trading that you can do.  Your personality can affect what you are able to understand on the market and what you are comfortable with.  There are two ways that you can trade on the forex market and they are trend trading and range trading.  You have to determine which type of trading your personality is best suited to and comfortable with.

Your Risk Capacity

Your personality will make up half of your risk capacity.  When you look at risk capacity you have to look at your risk tolerance.  Your risk tolerance is directly related to your personality and the risks you are able to handle.  There are some traders who have a high risk tolerance.  This means that they are mentally and emotionally able to handle high amounts of risk when they trade.  They will also be able to handle the stress that comes with the potential losses that you face with risk.

If you do not carefully and honestly consider the risk tolerance that you have you could end up using the incorrect amount of risk on the market.  This will lead to problems in your trading that can easily be avoided.

Overcoming Personality Problems

There are a number of problems that your personality can create when you trade.  It is important that you know how to overcome this.  The best way to do this is to have controls in place when you trade and the discipline to stick to these controls.



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