Hands-Free Forex Trading Software

Hands-Free Forex Trading Software

The idea of obtaining forex trading software would appeal to many individuals.  Technology has made everyone’s life so much easier over the past few decades and having a system that is unemotional, vigilant and logical cannot be ignored.  There is a range of trading software platforms available.  These packages are designed to operate effectively without the presence of the trader.

Who Should Use It?

The software is suitable for beginners, experienced and advanced traders.  They will all benefit from using the automation software.  The packages are available in different levels of sophistication and come in a range of prices.  The software is offered by many on a trial basis and certain vendors offer free demonstration consultations for users to become familiar with the program.

How Does Forex Trading Software Work?

The program does an analysis of the market activity and the price charts.  It identifies signals such as current news, price trends and spread discrepancies that may have an impact on the market.  This is done to determine the most profitable pair trades.

The software uses criteria based on the settings implemented by the user to identify currency pairs that satisfy the parameters that could be profitable.  Once this identification has been made, it will send out a sell or buy alert and will automatically undertake the trade.  This algorithmic or robotic method of trading offers the user many advantages.


The logical, emotionless method in which the software trades is one of its main advantages.  It eliminates the psychological and emotional influences that are linked to human behaviour.  It simply uses your predetermined settings and makes trades based only on the parameters set.

Beginner traders and some experienced traders often fall into the trap of basing a trade on an emotional trigger which may defy logic, but with software trading these human lapses in judgement are non-existent.

Many speculators make trades based on currency spreads and not on interest rates.  Trading software is effective for their purposes as the program detects price discrepancies which are immediately read by the system and prompts a trade.

This type of software allows traders to manage a number of accounts at the same time.  This is a distinct advantage as it is not possible to do this if you are working a manual system on one computer.

Trading Whilst Away

Many traders, be they beginners or advanced, often have other occupations or obligations that takes them away from their computers.  Automated software gives them the opportunity to save time that they would normally have spent on analysing the market and charts, or trying to locate events that may affect their trades.  It gives traders the chance to leave the space in front of their computer screens whilst it continues trading on their behalf.  The software operates day and night without the need for a supervisor.

You can find a lot of information online that will prompt you to part with your money for forex trading software, but you should be aware that the programs are not infallible and will not guarantee continual periods of profitable trades.


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