The Basics For Those Who Want To Trade Forex

Trade Forex

Learning how to trade forex is rather easy. However, given how much you have to read and understand, it’s a long process. You have to learn about the care and feeding of central banks. You have to learn about the predatory pricing habits of commercial banks. You have to learn that hedge fund managers love to be in what’s called “carry trades”, and when they unload, it’s like a tsunami hitting. Finally, you have to really get into technical charting, learning the potential profit difference between a “double bottom” and a “triple bottom” (or, better yet, an “inverse head and shoulders” pattern), for instance. While all this is going on, you should sign up for a “demo account” and start practising trading. “Demos” don’t use your money, but that’s no excuse to start making losses.
Try starting to trade forex with the help of a “Williams Alligator” on a 1-hour chart of the AUD/USD. When the signal line crosses all the other lines, launch your trade forex in the direction of the signal line.

Why People Decide To Trade Forex Over Other Forms Of Investment

As an investment class, forex is unique. It’s the only capital market in the world that spans the world on a non-stop basis and has very little cross-correlation with other investment venues, likes stocks or real estate. In addition, forex has no central regulatory authority which means that the banks of the world are really in control of what happens – not some national or supranational financial services organisation. Forex accounts also have a higher degree of leverage than in traditional investment accounts. This increases your upside potential dramatically. Lastly, forex may be the ultimate in time duration flexibility. It’s equally possible to structure a 1-minute investment as it is to create a 1-year investment (or an investment that never ends).

Who Can Trade Forex And How Do They Begin?

Anyone who is a legal adult in their country of domicile and does not have a criminal record should be able to qualify for a forex trading account. If you apply to a bank or broker that is located in another country, you will probably be asked to send a scan of your passport when you apply. However, other than that, the application process is remarkably simple. After acceptance, you will be given a choice of trading platforms along with your account number and user name. Some entities allow you to create your own password; others give you one that they have created. The whole application/account opening process should take less than 2 weeks, although some banks can take longer.

Trade Forex For The First Time And Make A Return

If you use a “Williams Alligator” on a 1-hour chart of the AUD/USD, you will notice that only 2 things seem to happen. Either the Alligator is just undulating sideways or it takes off (either up or down). An astute investor would watch the Alligator on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (i. e., days when trading volumes are usually quite high and bid/ask spreads are usually tight), trading only when the signal line (the shortest of the 3 Alligator lines) crosses over all the lines in a dramatic and rapid fashion. For confirmation that the Alligator is on the move, put an “Awesome Oscillator” plus a “Historical Volatility” indicator on the bottom of the chart. Use “trailing stop losses”, if possible.




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