Can You Make Money from Foreign Currency Exchange?

 Foreign Currency Exchange

How Can You Make Money from the Foreign Currency Exchange?

When you look at foreign currency exchange you may wonder how you can make money from this market.  There are three ways that you should consider and they are actively trading, carry trading and automated trading.  It is important that you know what is involved with each of these ways and whether or not they are right for you.

Actively Trading the Foreign Currency Exchange

Actively trading on the foreign currency exchange is one of the most common ways that people make a profit from this market.  When you actively trade you will be doing analysis of the market and placing trades according to this.  There are a number of ways that you can actively trade on the forex market.

The first step to making money through this method is to determine the timeframe that you want to trade in.  You can trade over the long-term, short-term or medium-term.  Once you have determined this you have to find a trading strategy that you are comfortable with.  The strategy you use should relate to the timeframe that you want to trade in and the analysis methods that you are comfortable with.

Making Money from Carry Trading

Another method that many people use to make money on the foreign currency exchange is carry trading.  This type of trading differs from active trading because you are not opening and closing positions to make a profit.  With this trading you are carrying a currency overnight and making a profit from rollover credits.

To use this method you need to look at the interest rates of different countries.  You also have to verify that your forex broker allows this kind of trading.  There are a number of brokers that do not offer rollover credits which means that you are not able to make a profit from this trading.  If you can use this trading you have to find a currency pair with one currency that has a high interest rate and one with a low interest rate.  The most commonly used pair is the Yen and Australian dollar.  To profit you will need to hold the high interest rate currency overnight.

Automated Forex Trading

The last method that you should consider for making money on the foreign currency exchange is automated trading.  When you complete this kind of trading you are doing active trading in a certain manner.  To make money with this method you will use an automated service to analyse and complete trades on the market.

When you use automated trading systems you need to have a trading strategy that you can put into the system.  The strategy should have indicators that the software can use to analyse the market.  When the software identifies your indicators it will open a trade according to the rules that you have put in place.

There are a number of issues that can come with the use of an automated system.  The first is the initial outlay to purchase the software.  You also have to monitor whether or not the trades are being done according to the rules you have set.  There are times when forex robots do not work properly and you have to consider whether this is right for you.



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